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An Afternoon At The Lekki Conservation Centre

Happy New Month Lovelies!!
It's my birthday month (April 7) and this year I am a bit excited (not like I have anything planned). For a long time, I haven't been particularly excited about my birthday but this year feels completely different. Good sign, right? 

Also, my blog turns two in a few days. A huge milestone for me but seeing that I haven't been exactly consistent here. I'm feeling underwhelmed about it this year. Perhaps, I'll host a giveaway to celebrate it.

Yeah, Yeah!!! I know it's been such a long time since I blogged *sighs* Don't judge me.
I sincerely apologise for eluding this space for so long. In between trying to cope with adulting, going back to school and basically just trying to balance it all. My blog has had to suffer but I am making a deliberate effort to do better and be better at creating content.

I'm sure y'all are tired of reading my rants on struggling with adulthood. Well, some people have successfully found a balance. They have it all figured out while others like myself are still trying to figure this thing called adulthood. Please, share a tip or two or even feel free to lend us your manual.

Truthfully, I haven't even been feeling so motivated to blog since my phone got stolen back in November (It still hurts). If you rely on your phone to do pretty much everything then I am certain you can definitely relate, right?  Also, If you also follow me on Instagram (why are you not following me? *side eye*) You may/may not have also noticed that I haven't been as consistent on the gram as usual and other social media platforms as well.

Now that I have officially addressed the elephant in the room. Let's get straight to the blog post.

Guess who finally got to visit the famous Lekki Conservation Centre after putting it off for so long? Yay!!Me. For someone with a bit of wanderlust and a desire for adventure. I certainly suck at trying out new things*covers face*

However, on this fateful Tuesday afternoon, my sister convinced me to ditch classes to accompany her and some friends to the Lekki Conservation Centre. Did somebody say a mini Girl's Trip? Hell yeah!! I want so down because I needed a break from stress. It was an impromptu visit. Hence, I didn't get to take good pictures. I didn't even intend on blogging about my visit but when life gives you lemons you just have to make lemonades or something close out of it. Lol!

Contrary to popular view, the Lekki Conservation Centre is not a zoo. However, LCC is a national resource conservation centre in Lagos which was created by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation in 1990. It has since evolved into one of Africa's prominent and most diverse urban nature centre. Its purpose is to preserve wildlife and nature. Opening hours:8am-5pm (Sunday-Monday).

The Trail boardwalk

We started our tour on the nature trail with the coolest Tour Guide. The Nature Trail is a 2km boardwalk (Although it seemed like it was a lot longer) with a great ambience and an excellent opportunity for watching the chirping birds. I didn't get to see a lot of animals as expected except for the Monkeys and the Tortoise which was a bit disappointing. The Monkeys were a bit intimidating (I realised that I was pithecophobic aka fear of Monkeys that day). Hence, my reason for not taking any pictures of them.

The Canopy walkway

LCC is known to have the longest canopy walk in Africa which is 401 meters long with six layers and rest points at the end of each walkway (How cool is that?). A fee of N1000 (for adults) grants full access to the facility. However, if you decide to do the canopy walk, you will be required to pay an additional fee of N1000. Also, the canopy walk is exclusive to adults only. 

The canopy walk was definitely the biggest highlight of my visit despite being acrophobic. I faced one of my biggest fears that day. If you have been on the canopy walk then I do not need to emphasise how terrifying it is but the adrenaline rush is totally worthwhile.

The Treehouse

A few pointers
  • Make sure you carry enough cash. The POS may not work and there's no cash machine close by.
  • Go with a bottle of water or soft drink. You have to stay hydrated especially if you want to do the canopy walk.
  • Be careful with your food or snacks. Our Tour Guide advised us to keep every food item away from the monkeys.
  • The bigger the crowd, the merrier it is. Go with your adventurous friends.
  • The canopy walk is not for the fainthearted (I repeat).
  • Wear comfy clothing and shoes ( I wore wrong shoes and I didn't really enjoy the canopy walk because of that. I had to also, take off my shoes to climb the tree house).
  • It is best to take your own food and drink. Limited options at LCC and the food isn't exactly tasty.

Outfit details
Bodysuit- Mr price
Pleated pants- Thrifted
Mules-@housependragon on IG
Bucket bag- Susen

Have you been to LCC? How was your experience and would you be visiting again? 
(I intend to go back).

Please share your thoughts and Let's connect!

4 comments on "An Afternoon At The Lekki Conservation Centre"
  1. The LCC is definitely on the list of places I must visit whenever I'm in Lagos and I hope I remember all of these tips. Lol. You look sweeet. xx

  2. I had a friend that blogged about her trip there... I will definitely plan when next I get to visit Lagos...

    Glowyshoes's blog

    1. Im certain you will enjoy your visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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