Saturday, May 27, 2017


Happy Children's day!!!
So excited for the long weekend, yet to decide on how I will be spending the holiday.
Got any plans? Pls invite me to join in the fun.

So last weekend I attended an exclusive blogger taster event which was organised by The Blogger Point and hosted by Bibi's Grillhouse. I was so excited when I received my invitation. Because foodie and also what better way to meet and network with fellow bloggers than over food, right?

I love a good opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones.  A couple of bloggers were in attendance, Lade, Deola, Toyosi, Alex, Ijenna, Seyi, Kene Kingsley, Tonye, Wumi, Thelma, Mary and list of other bloggers.

Bibi's Grillhouse is located at 350-360 Ikorodu road, Anthony village Lagos (2nd floor of the Maryland Mall). It is food outlet with an open setting, it offers a variety of delicious meals, grills, barbecues and more at an affordable rate (Price range of N800-N3000). I love a good deal and the best part the food is worth every penny.

I arrived a bit late and as a result, it took a while for me to catch up. Mayreejay and Tofunmi were so friendly (co-hosts of the event) and I was so excited to see familiar faces and connect with new ones, everyone was really friendly and soon I was able to join in on the conversation.

Amidst conversations about our blogging journey, how to monetize our blog, sharing fun stories and challenges, the waiter came to get our order and he sorta messed the whole thing up. One waiter attending to about 15 bloggers. The meals were served late and they brought the wrong orders but the issue was rectified soon enough and we all couldn't wait to start eating but first, we had to take pictures for the blog.

I ordered the boli with grilled fish and sauce and it was really good. I like to believe I am picky when it comes to food because I hate to pay for an overpriced meal and not end up getting my money worth but this was completely different. The fish was well grilled and the boli was well cooked. It literally tasted like heaven and it was aesthetically pleasing, I couldn't stop admiring my food.

Would I be paying another visit? Hell, yeah. I'll definitely be paying another visit and I will recommend you pay a visit as well because great menu plus affordable prices. I loved the ambience and most importantly I enjoyed the hospitality. 

It was an interesting event and the greatest highlight for me was the insightful conversations and getting to meet and network with everyone.

Shout out to The Blogger point for constantly creating opportunities for bloggers to connect and network and thank you to Bibi's Grillhouse for hosting us.

Have you ever visited Bibi's Grillhouse?
What's your take on budget-friendly restaurants? Pls recommend a few below!!

P.S- Just in case you were wondering it was a free event and you can get to be a part of upcoming events by registering here to join the community.

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  1. Funny thing is I go to Maryland mall quite often but I never noticed such restaurant exists there. Nice post dear, I'd visit there soon. Have you seen my latest post, pls do

    1. You should definitely check it out. It's opposite the escalator and quite easy to locate.
      Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading.
      Heading over to your blog to read it now.

  2. I wish i was in Lagos,Would have definitely been here.....I love when bloggers connect,Nice one!

    1. Thanks dear.
      I hope you attend the next one, I will really love to meet you in person.

  3. The plating of the meals are quite inviting and the idea of boli with grilled fish and sauce is a very nice twist/pair. i just imagined what it'd taste This is a good write up. id give the grillhouse a star 4 out of 5. -Chef Neo

  4. i like the plating of the meals, looks inviting. boli with grilled fish and sauce is a new twist/pair, and i just imagined what it would taste like while reading post, lol. and if i ever get the chance to visit this grill house, it'd be my order..great write up. star 4 of 5.

  5. The pictures alone are enough to make me drool! Looks like you guys had fun. Really wish I was based in Lagos or Abuja to experience opportunities like this.


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