Friday, April 07, 2017


Happy birthday to me!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? I'm actually stoked.

I'm super thankful for life and so much more.
It's so amazing how time flies. I can't even believe it, I'm a year younger*lol*

Funny how the thought of turning a year older every year seemed kind of daunting to me. Looking back now. I can't help but laugh at the younger me who couldn't wait to clock 16 or 18. It felt like life would be easier and better at 18. All lies I tell you.

I remember turning 18 and I started to feel the pressure of getting old. (Can you relate?)
I started questioning myself a lot. Adulting is so hard.
At a certain point, I wanted to stay 18 forever. I wasn't prepared for adulthood and I didn't want to embrace reality.

Last year I started warming up to this ageing thingy. It felt completely different for a change. 
I had launched my blog/published my first blog post exactly three days to my birthday. Clicking the publish button helped me overcome my fears.

Let me explain, I started a blog with little/no experience at all. I took a leap of faith and the feedback was so encouraging that I knew at that point that I was ready for adulthood, to explore opportunities and start acting more independent.  Also, sometime around April last year, I started my Nysc journey. I embarked on a series of adulting adventures and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have experienced all of it.

Today, I get to celebrate a new age, mark the end of my Nysc journey and celebrate the beginning of a new journey. I've never been the type to actually celebrate my birthday, so no celebrations today. I rather not jinx it, my friends might be planning a surprise party for me.

Let's talk about this outfit.

I took this pictures last weekend. Shout out to my little bro for coming through for me (You know how much I love you, no need to burst your brains today. I'll save it for your birthday). I didn't plan to put them up yet, I wanted to do a birthday shoot but somehow that didn't work out.

I'm wearing an Aso Oke skirt from House of Lydia Crafts collection. I've always wanted a white sneak for a long time. I was gifted this pair by a family member (early birthday present), I decided to use it for this shoot. I also wanted to show the versatility of styling of this look. I  wore a pair of black heels to switch things up and also give it a more girlie feel. I chose minimal accessories because I didn't want to distract the focus from the print on my skirt.

What do you think of this look?

So back to birthday bants.

I'm sitting here trying to finish this post so I get ready to go to the secretariat to get my Nysc certificate. I might just play the birthday card to cut long queues today, ain't nobody got time for stress.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen my post about my exam results. Recall in this post, I blogged about writing a professional exam. I aced my exams and I can't help but feel like more good news/celebration awaits me. April has been the best month so far for me.

Happy Blogiversary to me
My blog turned one, three days ago
Shout out to all my blog readers, thanks for all the love and support.

I wanted to host a giveaway to celebrate this but that didn't happen. I'm working on hosting one soon. Pls recommend brands that will love to collaborate with me.

You can start sending my birthday gifts.
 I'll really appreciate a blog shout out(Thanks in advance)

I'm off to pick up my certificate.

Chiffon camisole- Tailored
Aso Oke skirt- Houseoflydiacrafts (Instagram)
Hair- Ngb.wigs (Instagram)
Sneakers- Puma Basket (Gifted)
Black Heels- Zara Basic (Gifted)
Choker- Random buy
Black Sunglasses- Lolas_nest (Instagram)
Clear eye sunnies- Haute.Signatures (Instagram)
Raffia Purse- Houseoflydiacrafts (Instagram)

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  1. Ilamosi my dear. I'm so happy for you. So many celebrations this month and its your birthday again. Talk about double blessings. Happy birthday dear. One blogger that means a lot to me

  2. Happy birthday Praise, these pictures are really beautiful and I love your hair ❤️❤️

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your POP. I love these pictures and the outfit. I have my eyes on the sneakers.

  4. Congrats again on your birthday and POP.
    Love the look, prefer it with the sneakers of course lol and thd purse is everything

  5. Happy blogiversary hun!! I'm definitely here for this look. It's simple yet so chic and imma need to get your heels cause they are fire!!

  6. Happy Birthday Hunay!

    Better late than never eh? I was off social media so I didn't know abou your birthday, I'm sorry.

    Your outfit though! Love love love the black shoes with outfit and the skirt is quite unique.

    So I'm actually curious... Did it work? Using your birthday to cut the queue?

    things I'm loving lately

    1. Hi dearie! Welcome back
      Apology accepted and thanks for the birthday wishes.
      I didn't play the birthday girl card. Thinking about it now, I'm sure no one would have actually believed.

  7. I love your shoes and the outfit style(s). Transitioning from sophisticated to casual.


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