Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Happy New Month!!!

I still can't believe the first quarter of the year is gone. It still feels like it was just yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy new year and boom!!April is here already*sighs*

I just love love love the month of  April for too many reasons. 
Firstly, my blog turns one this month. It's also my birth month (April 7) and my Nysc journey (POP) also ends on that same day.
Let the official countdown begin*big grin*

I'm feeling so emotional right now and also really thankful. Many of us started this journey together but somehow a lot of lives were lost in the course of the program.

The past one year has been a roller coaster of various life experiences (a combination of good, bad and ugly). One thing I will always remain thankful for are the lessons I gained from those experiences, how I was able to key into the positive and flush out every form of negativity and most importantly my level of personal growth is something I'm super thankful/proud of. 

I know I didn't share much of those experiences here on the blog and somehow Nysc (8-5 job) didn't really afford me the time to create enough content for my blog which I'm working hard to change.
In the course of this one year, I phased through so many challenges and somehow I managed to exhibit courage and strength, by God's grace.

I digress, I sincerely apologise.

It didn't seem fit for me to start talking about the outfit without giving an update about my life after promising to get more personal on my blog.

Recall in this post, I promised a style post and I know this post should have been up much earlier but my search for a photographer/someone to help take my pictures remains futile. Yeah, I'm still searching, in case you are willing to help me out or feel free to recommend someone who can (Thanks in advance).

So last weekend, I managed to convince my brother to assist me with pictures for zee blog*inserts big smiley emoji*
For this look, I was leaning towards a retro-inspired outfit. (Did I nail it or not?)
Something retro but with an urban twist. I decided to style my mom jeans aka my versatile jeans which I also wore here at the LFDW 2016  with this vintage shirt that I got from Princess Audu's Online Vintage store.

I got a couple more shirts from her which I intend to debut on the blog.
I guess it's no secret that I love me some vintage shirts/clothing. I just love how they make me feel connected to fashion from different eras.
My mum is constantly reminding me that fashion is rotational, there's nothing new we are basically just re-rocking old trends only switching things up differently and adding an urban twist to these trends.

The Mom jeans which I'm wearing in this post is an 80's inspired women clothing that was considered unflattering because of its loose fitting which makes the bum appear disproportionately longer and flatter. Mom jeans are back and it's super trendy right now. I love the loose fitting and how I always feel like a cool kid whenever I wear mine. Like you are really not trying hard, just serving effortless slay*inserts wink emoji*

Tip: When styling a loose fitted Mom jeans, roll your jeans up to your mid-calf to show off your ankles (Like I did).

I chose to style mine with this vintage shirt to complete the retro look. I was going for subtle and I believe I still managed to achieve that with this pair of coloured block heels.

What do you think of this retro-inspired look?
Would you wear this outfit the same way? 
Would you style it differently?

Mom Jeans- Thrifted
Shoes- Gifted

P.S- I'm wearing a braided wig from Nappyhairedwigs. An early birthday present from Alex of nappyhaired.com (Thanks again dearie). I wrote a review on her products/services here. You can also use my code (PRAISE007)  to get a 10% discount on her wig making service.

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  1. Im loving this style on you. Mom jeans is by far the most comfortabe jeans ever. I always wear them. www.adagirl.com.ng

  2. I love how retro this look is. It reminds me of one of the characters in back to the future. The photographer struggle is real! You'll definitely find one. Don't worry.


    1. Thanks Collins.
      A resounding amen to that prayer.

  3. Your style always pulls through. Super Trendy is an understatement for Mum Jeans 😂. Such an amazing month for you. Congrats B 😘

  4. Love this ensemble! I'm unfortunately not good with vintage pieces, bit definitely going to try it soon. So glad to have you back girl?!!!!

    1. Thank you Vincent. Yeah, you should try them. I'm sure you will nail the look.

  5. The shirt, lipstick and hair....GBAM! Loving it, usually I'm not a fan of mum jeans but you killed this look, as always.

    The Yoruba Chic Blog || Bloglovin'

  6. Mom's are my fave these days and I love the silky or satin texture of the shirt. I'm also on that photographer struggle gurl.

    1. Thanks Lydia.I know how frustrating it is, I hope you find someone soon.

  7. Love, love this look. Its totally one hundred and those shoes are to die for. I'm all for vintage inspired wear so this totally appeals to me. I'm yet to jump on the mom jeans trend so I'm totally styling this Paisley shirt with skinny jeans and sneakers because comfort is key. The photographer struggle is too real glad your brother came through for you.

    1. Thanks dear.
      I see what you are trying to do, playing safe and all. You need to step out of your comfort zone. I'm sure a pair of Mom jeans would look really nice on you.

  8. I'm not sure if I'm daring enough to wear those jeans, but it looks great on you!

  9. Hi Deola!!
    Thanks for stopping. I'm sure they would look great on you as well. Thanks again.

  10. Congrats on the blog turning one fam!

    I love this outfit so much. The shirt is life. I'm considering getting one sef. And the shoes give the ouftit an unexpected twist. I quite like this.

    How to turn your t-shirt into a two-piece set


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