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Happy New Month Lovelies!!!!

I still can't believe it's March already.
I hate that I have evaded this space for so long. Been busy? Yes!

I know you are wondering why I stayed away for so long right? My apologies for my abrupt absence.
I was busy prepping for my exams. I thought I could study for my exams, run the 8-5 life and still manage to blog. Somehow, I realised that I'm no super girl. I had to forfeit one for the other,  I tried to make it work but unfortunately, my blog had to suffer for my decision. In other words, my exams took my utmost attention.

Anyways, I'm back now and thanks to everyone that sent in messages, asking about my welfare and also thanks for the exam prayers and wishes. I truly appreciate and God bless you all immensely.

I've been feeling very lazy since the completion of my exams in February. It almost feels like I lost my blogging mojo, somehow I have been feeling scattered and scared. I've prayed severally about these fears and I finally convinced myself that  I can't let it stop me from living my life and going about my regular activities.

I finally decided to resume blogging. Thus, this post.
A style post would have been a better fit, right? Hopefully my next post.
For a long time, I've really enjoyed and still enjoy reading these "taking stock" posts. I decided to try it.

Let's get started.

Eating: Cereals and more cereals aka My hungry man starter pack, Lifesaver kit, Lazy man pack etc.

Making: A lot of lists, always been an obsessive planner. I know my inconsistency on the blog doesn't reflect how much I love to plan.

Listening: The Weeknd album has been on replay, I also can't get enough of Davido's new single "If" and Ed Sheeran "Shape of you" has been my jam for weeks now.

Reading: My ODM, a daily devotional book and my bible, working on my spiritual growth (major goals for 2017). I just concluded Born a Crime by Trevor Noah for the second time and I still can't get enough of that book. Trevor Noah did a great job, I highly recommend you read it if you haven't read it yet.

Feeling: Lucky, more like blessed to have the best people in my life and for the best blog readers. I hope this never gets old but you all are the real MVPs.

Dismissing: Every negative thought in my life and all forms of negativity and hate in my life.

Reflecting: On all the poor decisions I've made and trying to make better decisions.

Happy: About my level of growth so far and my blog stats, I really am in awe, thanks for the constant love I've been receiving on my blog and other social media platform.

Promising: To do better and be better. I know I say this a lot but I intend to work hard to keep this promise.

Grateful: To God for my family, friends and all the support and love I receive each day.

Anticipating: My birthday, POP and my exam results. April is a few weeks away and someone is turning a year younger *lol*.
My NYSC journey also ends on the same day (double celebration) Insane right? Someone is super stoked already. Also, exam results would be out in April and I almost forgot my blog would also be one year in April. I'm looking forward to all these and more future celebrations.

Sad: That I've not effectively utilised my time so far and also that I evaded this space for so long. Also, sad that I am faced with the challenge of finding a good photographer/someone to take pictures of me for the blog. I need a photographer friend. (Biko, help a baby girl out)

Scared: of the next phase in my life and too many uncertainties that cannot be manipulated.

Realising: How much I overthink and analyse every situation.

Wondering: When things in this country will get better for good

Loving: Myself more each day.

Admiring: This graphic Illustration of me by Oyincreates. Follow her on IG here to get yours. I'm in awe of how much creativity and talent one individual can possess. She is multi-talented and that just one of the many things I love about her.

Hoping: For a better blogging year and hopefully I get to collaborate with some big brands this year. Also hoping to host a giveaway to celebrate one year of my blogging journey.

How did your February go? Let's catch up
Pls share all of your experiences and lessons with me. 
What were the highlights of your February?
What are you looking forward to this month?

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Wishing you all the best this month.

  1. I def missed you! Welcome back hun. Enjoyed reading this. Taking stock posts are always fun. Your exam results will be fab and those pictures are really cute. xx

    1. Thanks hunπŸ˜™πŸ˜™
      A resounding amen to that prayer. God bless you love

  2. First time of commenting here...
    Welcome back to the blogosphere as i can deduce from this post that, it seems you must have been away for a long time.
    Seems taking Stocks are cool, at least it helps one to look back in time and analyze how far you've gone.
    You're not alone in overthinking of a situation, *sighs* may God help us
    TuhamWorld's Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi Tunde!!
      Thanks for reading and actually leaving a comment this time.
      It feels good to know that I'm not alone in this overthinking situation. I guess it's not so bad afterall.
      Amen to that prayer

  3. Welcome back, I've been away for a while too. I'm really digging this taking stock thing, maybe I'll try it out too. Thanks for the shout out baby. Love you too :*

    The YC blog || Bloglovin'

    1. Thanks love.
      You should definitely try it.
      You are welcome love😚😚

  4. The photographer struggle. Used to face this same problem. Try to get a blogger friend that has a camera but no one to shoot also. That way you guys can just take time off to shoot each other. Maybe 3 looks each. Congratulations in advance on your POP.

  5. Welcome back hun,nice post and cute pictures,my February was intensed and full of fears and anxiety u should know better�� and I still don't know hw I feel about this month...welcome back hun����

    1. You and me both dear.
      Don't let the fear overwhelm you. I have been praying for us all and I know that we have no reason to be afraid.
      It will definitely end in praiseπŸ˜†πŸ™

  6. I am so happy you are back!!! I hear you loud and clear about the photographer Ish because that is my current struggle!!!!!! And I'm an obsessive planner too!!!

  7. welcome back.. I really love your taking stock post.... I think I should try it someday *lol*... Happy birthday in advance...

    1. Thanks dear.
      You should try it. Also,thanks for the early birthday wish.

  8. I love this post dear, and I think I would try this, really helps set the pace for planning towards the new month.

    1. Thanks dear.
      Very correct, it really helps you see things in a clearer perspective and help you plan ahead. You should try it.

  9. Your absence is totally relatable. My blog is always the sacrificial lamb. It not easy joggling your entire life together.
    I also just did my first taking stock and I enjoyed every bit of it. There's never a dull moment reading taking stocks from other bloggers.
    Don't over think and over analyse situations o! Just Let God...

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    Taking Stock | March


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